G-spot guide: what is, where is it, and how do you stimulate it?

iPlaySafe’s Guide to the G Spot

Let’s get technical - what is the g-spot?

It was named by a German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg - hence the Grafenberg Spot. The g-spot is a part of your vagina that can lead to an orgasm and potential squirt when you hit it. And yes, women can squirt!

Let’s delve deeper into the G-spot. Fancy giving it a go too? I can assure you the search is worth it.

Where is the g-spot?

It’s the elusive search for both men and women, shrouded in mystery and doubt that it even exists. Let’s just say it’s absolutely real but where is it? Can you guide someone/yourself there or is it like putting your finger in a lucky dip and seeing if you hit the jackpot? 

Let’s get scientific. Your biology class would explain that the spot - or erogenous zone - is the size of a 5p piece found just underneath your vaginal wall. Once stimulated it doubles in size to 10p and brings with it an extra layer of sexual pleasure. Does it hold the key to squirting? Who knows but it sure as heck sounds like it’s worth experimenting with. Which brings us onto our next question. We know the technicalities, now, what happens next? 

How do you find it?

Right, here goes, fasten your seat belts and get ready to have a rummage. Relax and with your palm facing up, pop your finger (or your partner’s) inside your vagina. If you’re not so wet that you’re sliding on to your finger then we’d recommend you lube it up, no one wants a sore vag. Then ‘tickle’ your front vaginal wall, it should feel slightly spongy - press harder if you want. Don’t expect a bed of roses, the G-spot isn’t the supreme goose down pillow, it might feel wrinkly or just a little bit different. Keep tickling and/or press into the front vaginal wall and you should start feeling the tingle. 

If you think you’re struggling to find it, imagine how your partner must feel. The panic that must arise, the pressure to hit that spot, and project their partner to new heights of luxury. So help them out a little. Your G-spot can also be stimulated externally - so whilst their fingers are having a little search internally, draw an imaginary line from your tummy button to the top of your pubic bone and then stroke/push around this area. Who’d have thought, you can hit the spot internally and externally. If this isn’t working, fear not, there are other ways.

How do you stimulate it?

If you’re still not hitting the spot with your fingers then don’t panic, you’re capable, you can think on your feet (or lying down) and you can always use a helping hand, in the shape of a silicone toy.

Many vibrators are designed to directly target your G-Spot and your clitoris too if you want a double whammy of pleasure. Stick with it and play around a bit, it’ll take time and practice to build up to that orgasmic explosion.

G-Spot exploration is great for foreplay too and building the tension between you and your partner. Take them on a guided tour in and around the G-Spot. Start by asking them to move their fingers around the outside of your vagina and your clitoris for a while. When you’re about to explode already and the tension is sky high, guide them to the G-Spot; a little stimulation of it is bound to lead to the ultimate orgasm.

Health experts would recommend a regular g-spot massage to increase blood flow to the area leading to increased sexual desire...go with the experts we say and get massaging. However, we’ve concentrated on bringing the women to the tall heights of incredible orgasm, what about the men?

Do men have a g-spot?

Let’s talk about the prostate, a cheeky erogenous zone for men. If you know where to find it and how to stimulate it can improve sex for both of you and take your man to a higher ecstasy. It’s located behind the penis, contains hundreds of tingly nerve endings, and unfortunately is only the size of a walnut which can make finding it tricky, on a par with 5p then. Some refer to this spot as the P-Spot but we’re going with g-spot.

Research would suggest it responds well to stimulation through the anus with the phrase ‘milking’ being thrown in (alluding to how you manipulate it with your hand). We get that it might be a little intimidating to stick your finger in someone’s butthole on a first date so perhaps approach with caution - or not as the case may be. 

Is the g-spot real?

According to recent research, no, which is just a little bit disappointing and frustrating. How can something so widely talked about, so widely searched be fake?

Apparently, it’s a myth, a term coined in the 80s by a team of researchers who successfully managed to create the most successful fake sexual truth of all time. Led by Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., rumour has it we all took the notion of the G-Spot and blew it totally out of proportion without true facts from her team. Whipple claims they never said we ALL had G-Spots and that the ‘spot’ spot doesn’t exist and that it's more of an ‘area’.

By widening the search to an ‘area’ perhaps it takes the pressure off finding it and we can all stop poking away at the 5p coin? Or perhaps let’s just run with the original media-friendly version and count our pennies.

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