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iPlaySafe’s Guide to the G Spot
Let’s get technical - What is a G-spot? It was named by a German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg - hence the Grafenberg Spot. In plain English - a bit of your vagina that when you/your partner manages to hit the spot should - in theory - lead to one massive orgasm and potential ejaculation - or […]
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Mind Blowing Toys for Mind Blowing Orgasms
The Best Sex Toys on the Market! Reach for that paper and pen people because we’re about to equip you with the knowledge of all knowledge to achieve that ultimate big ‘O’. That toe tingling, nerve shaking, orgasmic-tastic feeling of utter euphoria can be achieved in so many mind blowing ways!  What once were taboo […]
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Period Sex Tips: Unravelling the Taboo
Let’s talk about period blood. Tempted to back out of this blog? Feeling a bit grossed out? Read on because in short, it’s just blood, it’s just your period and it’s just having sex that might end up a little bit messy. Who cares right?! Of all the sexual taboos to be dismantled over the […]
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