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Our way of sharing your sexual health status is cool as fu*k! You can share your status with the iPlaySafe app once you have taken your STI test and received your results. Watch our video guide here.

Share STI test results with your partner

Intimacy starts with honesty. Let’s face it, asking a potential partner about their sexual health status is cringe... but it doesn't have to be! Our mission is to encourage open, honest conversations about sexual health and normalise sharing your status. 

Once you have taken an iPlaySafe home STI test, your result will be sent privately to your app verifying your sexual health status with a ‘play badge’, it’s then up to you when, with whom, and whether you share it. 

You can also receive a partner’s sexual health status - all you need to do is download the iPlaySafe app and create a member name.

Sex tips, education, and advice from the experts

Want to check out the best sex toys, condoms and lubricants on the market? The iPlaySafe app is free to download and gives you access to product reviews, sex tips, sexual health articles and sex education content.

If you like to listen and learn, you’ll love our videos and podcast library, featuring series from HIV educator and activist Jay Hawkridge, sex therapist Kate Moyle, and iPlaySafe brand ambassadors Feed Me Female

Quick, easy, and secure home STI testing

We are an accredited medical device and work with the best partners in the industry to supply home STI testing kits, treatment, and medical advice through the iPlaySafe app.

Our partner laboratory provides doctors with pathology of the highest quality, and operates to stringent technical and administrative standards. Our results are subjected to strict internal and external quality control, and we comply with the highest professional standards for data storage and security. 

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