Dating Misconceptions

Dating Misconceptions

Misconceptions about dating and safety

With so much misinformation online these days it is easy to understand myths and false ideas about healthy relationships. From TikTok ‘couple goals’ to Instagram #relationships, it can become confusing to understand the difference between a relationship that’s healthy and one that isn’t. Whether it's that being needy means he likes you or they ‘can’t live without you’ that are many different actions and words that can leave you feeling vulnerable and trapped. 

Myth: Abuse in relationships will stop as you get older

Abusive relationships means treating someone with violence, disrespect, cruelty, harm or force. Abusers will only change when they are able to take full responsibility for their actions and behaviour and realise that they do not have the right to control others, however this very rarely happens. If you think that your partner is being too controlling or failing to respect your boundaries you should not feel pressured to stay in that relationship. Learn more about domestic abuse and get support here.

Myth: Protecting yourself is boring 

Whether it's saying no to things outside your sexual boundaries, spending money beyond your means or just whether it's said just as a way to bring you down, your partner should never call you boring. This type of behaviour is just another form of emotional abuse, and this is a major red flag.

Being accused of being ‘boring’ to protect yourself isn’t just limited to those already in relationships. People who leave functions to get home while it's still light, don’t drink excessively and don’t walk alone; are frequently accused of ‘being boring’. However, these are simply steps people take to protect themselves and avoid putting themselves in vulnerable situations and isn’t something they should be punished for. 

Myth: Playful fighting is always ‘joking’ 

Relationships are supposed to be fun and enjoyable for those involved, however this line can become crossed. This occurs when one partner is not comfortable with the way the other person is acting towards them, leading to someone becoming hurt either emotionally or physically. These boundaries when things like play-fighting, ‘poking-fun’ at each other. While playful fighting can be a fun couple activity, it can be a sign that things will escalate into something more serious.  

Overall, it's important to ensure that you are surrounding yourself with the right people, and that begins from your first date. If you get a bad vibe at any point during the dating process, listen to your intuition and leave the situation. For more dating tips and safety advice, read our blog.

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