Tips for Dating Safely this Summer

Tips for Dating Safely this Summer

Sunscreen is out, beer gardens are full and summer is officially here. It’s easy to assume that with lighter evenings and more populated venues, summer is the safest time to date, this is far from the case. The dangers of dating are the same year round, meaning it is just as important to keep yourself safe while dating. 

Below are 5 tips, collaborated by Walksafe and Bonkers for dating safely this summer to ensure you’re having safe, summer, dating fun. 

Keep messages to one platform

  • Try to keep all messaging on one platform, at least until you have met the person. By accepting someone’s request on Instagram, Facebook or any other site. People might be able to access information which you might not be willing to share, such as your university, friendship circle, family and even where you live. By keeping all messaging to one platform, the risk of the wrong person getting their hands on your information can be minimised. 

Head to a bar/pub/town centre 

  • When the sun is shining and feelings are running high, it's easy in the summer to suggest an intimate date in the park, on the beach or even strolling through the countryside. However, heading to a busy place that you’ve ideally been to before, means you can ask for help quickly if needed. Many places have safety initiatives in place, such as “Ask for Angela” - so that staff members can help you exit situations. 

Share your locations and plans with someone you trust

  • Whether it’s a friend, Mum or flatmate, it's important to share where you’re going and with whom on your date. Bonkers, a dating app for all groups, is integrated with WalkSafe technology, making it easy and stress free on the app. The technology has a feature allowing you to send an SOS to your designated friend at a push of a button. 

Take a video call prior to meeting your date

Be honest from the start about what you're looking for 

  • Whether it's casual fun or a long-term thing, ensuring that you are both on the same page can avoid any mixed signals, frustration and confusion. Bonkers allows users to identify this in the app, distinguishing between casual fun and long term commitment. 

Following the above five steps will ensure that both you and your match are kept safe while dating this summer.

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